Have Slime City Slimes Host Your Next Event!

Don't know how to make slime but want to have a slime party? Don't worry! Slime City Slimes now offers slime making lessons for birthday parties. 

We handle the ingredients and the instructions and you provide the space.  



$125 for one slime category

$225 for two slime categories

$300 for three slime categories

(Approximately 30 min per category)

Please add $25 travel fee for events over 50 miles from Toms River, NJ

Party Package includes:

  • 60 to 90 minute instructional slime making which includes one to three categories of your choice.
  • Participation of birthday child plus up to 9 guests
  • Special gift for the birthday child
  • 8 ounce slime container(s)
  • Custom labels for slime containers
  • Plastic bags to carry home

Slime Category Choice(s):

  • Floam Slime (thick based slime with added foam beads for crunchy texture)
  • Butter Slime (thick based slime with added clay for smooth buttery feel)
  • Fluffy Slime (thick based slime with added shaving cream)
  • Cloud Slime (thick based slime with added fake snow for a cloud like texture)
  • Clear Slime (thick based clear slime great for adding glitter or extras)
  • Slushie Slime (clear based slime with clear beads) 


All slimes will include:

  • Bowls and mixing sticks
  • Paint for added color
  • Glitter and gems for added sparkle
  • Scented Oil for added scent


email us at to ask questions or reserve your spot!!!